donderdag 21 februari 2013

Weird beautytools

Today i wanna talk about the weirdest beautytools. i`ve been searching on the web to found out wich beautytools are availlable nowadays. Espacially in country`s like Japan, Korea and China they invented the most weirdest beautytools ever, but i have to admit some are really clever. Will you take a look with me?

1. Beauty nose, it`s dessigned to make your nose more like a western one, and they believe it`s also a beautifull accessory.

2. Mascara guard, this one isn`t even that bad! it`s designed to make applying mascara less messy and i think i can work, execpt if you have fake lashes.

3. Beauty voice trainer, this one is really really weird and i can`t imagine this is gonna work. They say it will give you the dulcet voice you want to have if you use it 5 minutes a day.

4. Futua Compass, this tool is dessigned to give asian girls (or boys) te eyelids they want to have. I don`t think this tool isn`t designed for comfort and will be painfull using it.

5. Lipstickstencil, do i even have to say more?

6. Nailpolish protection clips, it will protect your nails after using your nailpolish, when you use the clips you won`t scratch your perfectly painted nails. Sounds perfect to me!

Do you know, or use strange beautytools?

dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Happy Pants

Lately i`ve seen a lot of girls in happy floral or oany other kind of printed pants/trousers, and I must admit i adore them! Although i haven`t one in my wardrobe i do want to buy one now spring is coming up. Personally i would wear them with just a simple shirt and flipflops or something like that. I`ve been looking around at webshops to find the most awesome pants with some kind of print, so take a look with me!

The first one i just simple black/grey/white and is  here availlable for 24,95

A very colorful pants which makes your sunny day just perfect, availlable here for 29,95

Floral, but not too much, availlable here for just 29.67

Just black and white, can be combined with everything! Availlable for 29.67 here

The last one i just one we can dream about, it`s availlable for 384,32, waaaaaaaay above my budget.
Availlable here

I really like the more colorfull and floral pants but as you can see i still choose the more safe way with black and grey just because i can`t see myself wearing a colorful item. Something i have to change as soon as possible.

Do you have a printed pants already?

vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Personal #1

It`s been a while since i posted my last post. Like i told you girls the last few weeks where crazy. I had several exams at school and i had to move into my new apartment. The 1st of Feb i got the key of my own small apartment. Luckily enough i have great family and friends so all the days there where at least 6 people helping around so we would be done within a few days! 

After I moved in i still had to buy several things, i didn`t had any curtains in my living- and diningroom, and my clothingcloset was very small. Last week i received my 4 meter clothingcloset, and i can tell you girls it is AMAZING!  The curtains aren`t hanging yet, but it will this weekend.

When i was done moving and doing exams i noticed all the stress from the last few months all came out.
I was very very tired and wasn`t feeling that great, after a few days i even became sick again. Because of this i decided to take a little break and just go to work, school and home. Just relaxing and sleeping.

From now on i hope i will be able to post a lot more, because i really enjoying blogging :)

donderdag 31 januari 2013


Due to my last exams and preparations for my moving I didn`t had the time to react on all of your great posts :( i`m sorry! Tomorrow I will get the key of my new apartment and start painting and stuff with a lot of people. I hope i will be done in a few days with all of my great family and friends around me who offered to help me out.

This will be my 4th move wihtin 9 months, not something i want to repeat ever again! It`s just awfull but it was my own choice to choose an organisation where i could live for almost nothing but with the risk i had to move a lot. Unfortunatly I was not one of the choosen ones who could live for years at the same house. I was one of those unlucky people who had to move every 2-3 months. Although i hate moving it was an great experience because I had the most awesome houses in several cities close to The Hague. The apartment i got now is just normal rent so I can stay as long as I want.

After everything is done i have more time to start posting and stuff, so i hope you girls will have a little patient with me :)

How often did you moved?

dinsdag 29 januari 2013

Music #1

Lately i`m depending on puclic transport when i have to work o go to college. Depending on public transport means no more radio but listing to my ipod. Listening to all the songs i realized i haven`t listen to all those great songs way to long! That`s why i have selected a few of the songs i listen the last few weeks.

1. Gone - Daughtry Click here
It isn`t a happy song, but i do love it though, i really love the gitars and stuff, and besides that Daughtry has an amazing voice!

Isn`t he hot ladies? (I have and weakness voor bald men sst)

2. Lifehouse- Everything Click here
This song is a very romantic song, it`s one of my all time favorites from Lifehouse

3. Gotye- Your hearts a Mess Click here
Last year my boyfriend and I went to a Concert of him, en he was great! He really enjoyed being on stage and gave a great show.

4. Hurts - Wonderful life Click here
This band is a bit odd, but thats just why i like it. The songs are great and a bit different, just the way i like it.

5. Jonny Lang- Give me up again -Click here
Jonny Lang is a singer I usually wouldn`t listen to because it is blues, but boy he makes the greatest songs and his voice is amazing!

Which songs are you listening lately?

zaterdag 26 januari 2013

Review: Just Cavalli by Cavalli

Today I have my first review! Last week I got a sample of the new perfume from Cavalli, so I had to test this perfume for you girls

The bottle looks very pretty, The top is gold, and at the bottom you will see the pink glass. The bottle also has a Python printed cap. It will be a beauty in your perfume stash.

Cavalli described the new perfume as creamy, sexy, floral, dazzling, magnetic and seductive perfume. Thats one hell of a way to describe your perfume!

The top notes of the perfume are sparkling drops of neroli, with the heart created by Tahitian tiare flowers, and along with warm rosewood accords in the base. I would say this is a perfume which you can use on a daily base.

The first time i used the perfume i had to let it settle down. It isn`t a perfume which i normally would choose, but when the time went by i appreciated the perfume more and more. It`s a warm and soft scent which you will smell the whole day. I wouldn`t describe it as an sexy dazzling perfume though. But it is a floral an seductive perfume in my opinion. I have a perfume which i like more, so I personally wouldn`t use it on a daily base, but more once or twice a week.

The perfume is availlabe for €35,00 (30 ml)  - 72,00 (75 ml) at several places like Douglas, IciParisXL etc.

Are you gonna smell/buy the perfume?

donderdag 24 januari 2013


This quote is one that i have to remember! We all have days which never seems to end en where everything is going wrong. Personally i have those days once or twice every month. When i`m having a day like that i will be cranky all day and i can`t handle a lot.

But when we are having one of those days are they really as bad as we believe? I don`t think so, every day have some little sparkles that we should appreciate. That can be a big hug from someone you love, pretty flowers, a big laugh etc.

How often do you have one of those days, and how are you getting out of that mood?

dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Review: Palmer`s Shea Butter Formula

Because of the cold weather it`s necessary to use some hand cream to protect your hands so they won`t dehydrate and get rough. I bought thos one at Kruidvat for about €3,- and tested it for you girls

The outside is basic, and not a design I personally would choose. For the color it`s the same, an ugly yellow shade. But it`s firm and won`t dimple and burst. What i do like is the bottom because it isn`t a cap which i find inconvenience.
The cream itself is a bit thick but withdraws quickly into your skin, so you can use this if you`re in a hurry. After using this product my skin feels really soft and gentle, and this will last for a really long time. With this kind of weather i have to use it twice a day. When it isn`t freezing i have to use it only once every 2 days. The only thing that bother me is the smell, i can`t describe it but i don`t like it at all, but it will disappear after a while. I do think there are a many girls who would appreciate the smell, but it`s just not my cup of tea.

Although the smell isn`t what i like i do reccomend this hand creame, just because it withdraws quickly, hydrate for a really long time and is cheap.

Good things
- makes your skin soft and gentle
- easy to use
- withdraws quickly
- the price
- you can buy it at several stores.

Bad sides
- the look
- the smell

maandag 21 januari 2013

Tag: ABC

Yesterday i visited Lois her blog and found this tag which i really liked so i thought i would be nice to fill it in as well so you girls get to know me a little bit better, so enjoy!

A. Age: i just turned 22 in October.
B. Best friend: Angela, i know her for two year know, and she`s currently living in France :(
C. Chore you hate: cleaning my house, because after you`re done you can start over.
D. Dreamhouse: a penthouse!
E. Essential start of your day: Checking my mobile, cuddling with my cats and food :)
F. Favorite color: Black and purple
G. Gold or silver: Silver by far! Gold make me look like trash.
H. Height: only 1,59 meter.
I. Instruments I play: non, i can`t read notes.
J. Job Title (most recent): Administration at a big company.
K. Kids: Not yet, i want to wait for at least 6 years.
L. Life is incomplete without: family, friends, boyfriend, my cats and music!
M. Music that you always listen to: As you can see i love Lifehouse, the other music i listen is very diverse.

N. Nickname: Dio, DC, Milky (which i hate!)
O. Overnight hospital stays: Not for myself but for others, personally only day stays.
P. Phobias or fears: Darkness at night (in the morning i adore it) and horses.
Q. Quote from a movie: “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” i looooooove this movie!
R. Reason to smile: My fantastic family and getting good grates :).
S. Siblings: I have a twin-brother :)

T. Time you wake up: it depends, when i have to go to work at 6.15 a.m. otherwise somewhere between 8.00 - 9.30 a.m.
U. Underwear: depends on my mood :)
V. Very important date this year: 1 February, because then i will have the keys of my new apartment which means i never have to move again yay!
W. Worst habit: Waking up several times a night.
X. X-ray’s you’ve had done: several at the dentist, two for my hand and one for my ankle
Y. Yummy food you make: i don`t cook i lote because i hate it, but i like my cupcakes!
Z. Zoo animal: i love bats! (call me crazy, but u thing the`re pretty cool )

Are you gonna use this tag?

zondag 20 januari 2013

My Life #1

Although i was sick this week i did manage to go to work, study for exams and visit my father in law. (we are not married or anything) so take a look with me!

Before all the snow came along we visited my father in Law in Woerden ( a small city nearby Utrecht)

My father in law is babysitting on our two cats because we are in between two houses and my aunt is scared of cats. This is my baby Nala! :)
 On Thuesday i had to woke up early (6.15 a.m.) to go to work, and this was my view when i looked out of the window, pretty pretty!

At work this is my was my view, not bad at all! Such a same i was so busy i didn`t had the time to look outside.

This is the postcard i bought for my grandparents, i hope they will like it!

Yesterday my boyfriend surprised me with the new album of Lifehouse!! They are my favorite band, so far i have seen three concerts of them, and they are awesome live!

Because we will have our new apartment within two weeks, we have to buy some new stuff. We decided to buy a grey floor.

And the last one! My boyfriend was so excided to see "his" Simba again! (they are both mine but he won`t listen ;) )

Although this is allready the end, i hope you enjoyed the pictures. Next time there will be a lot more, after all my exams are done.

zaterdag 19 januari 2013


Everyone has a quote that means a lot to them, makes them happy or something else. Today i have one in the category that means a lot to me. The quote is : The only constant thing in life is change.

The reason why this one means a lot to me is because it`s just the simple truth. Sometime we wish everything remains the same as it is, and sometimes we just want things to move over and change. For me this quote means don`t look back but look at all the things you have right now and appreciate & enjoy it!

Which quote means a lot to you?

maandag 14 januari 2013

nailpolish #1

My plan was to show you girls the things i bought yesterday, but i changed my mind.
The reason for this is that  the nailpolish i`m gonna show you is just perfect for the upcomming days:)

(sorry for the messed up photo`s, i hope it is clear enough to show what i mean)

When i bought the nailpolish i thougt it would be a light grey with some sparkles in it, but when i applied it on my nails i got a bit of a surprise being it blue. I would describe the color as an icy blue kind of shade, and it is perfect for freezing, snowy days like this!

I bought it at Kruidvat from the Catrice sale and it`s called Have A Good Day, which i will have because it will make my outfit just a bit more special. The only weak spot is that the nailpolish is quite thick so applying is a littlebit harder than what i`m used to.

What do you think of this nailpolish?

zondag 13 januari 2013

Outfit i like

Today i wanna show you guys a outfit i adore. It`s a black and (army)green outfit.
Black is my all time favorite color and i think 90% of my wardrobe is black. It`s just a color that makes you feel comfortable.

The outfit is just simple, but totally my style. I really really like the green/black blouse (i found it here) I`m doubting if i should buy the blouse because i don`t know the website. Does someone has any experiance with Sammydress?

Shoplog: Pretty in Pink

Last Friday i had several appointments for school and my new apartment. But between the appointments i found some time to shop. I haven`t bought much but i thought it is worthwile to show to you.

As you can see both items are pink, normally i don`t wear pink so this is just coincedence. Lately i`m trying to buy more colorfull items instead of alle black and grey which i normally wear all te time. The blusher i bought is from HEMA, a store in the Netherlands ( and Belgium) which sells clohting, make-up and stuff for your home. The blush is from the Wet & Dry collection and costs 4,50 which is around  $5,85 not much for a blusher if it`s pretty and works well. The blazer is from a secondhand shop in The Hague which isn`t located at een shoppingdistrict. The blazer only costs me 7,50 which is around $9,75, a bargain! The blazer is made of suede and just perfect for spring and late night summer evenings.

Tell me, which items have you bought lately?

zaterdag 12 januari 2013

The last few weeks we had some amazing weather in holland! We`ve had a lot of soft and sunny days.
But unfortunatly the weather is changing and it`s getting colder and starting to freeze. The positive thing is that if it`s getting cold enough for a couple of days we can iceskate again!

But when the weather is getting colder we have to make sure that the wrap ourselfs warmly, and that means we`re gonna wear more scarfs. Personally i wear scarfs all the time, i love them. They will keep me warm and they are availlable in many many patterns, prints and colors. I even wear them inside.

I thought it would be nice to collect some goergeous scarfs, and because of the sale everyone will be able to buy one, even if you have a student/low budget. So take a look with me.

H&M Coral scarf
, A bright scarf with a beanie, they say it is coral but it looks more pink to me.
Availlable voor only  10,-.

Big Bigger Biggest. The biggest scarf i`ve ever seen!
costs 38,89

black and white ,Just simple and clean.

grey and perfect to combine
only 7,-

Great pattern and colors
costs 16,67

Which one do you prefer?