donderdag 21 februari 2013

Weird beautytools

Today i wanna talk about the weirdest beautytools. i`ve been searching on the web to found out wich beautytools are availlable nowadays. Espacially in country`s like Japan, Korea and China they invented the most weirdest beautytools ever, but i have to admit some are really clever. Will you take a look with me?

1. Beauty nose, it`s dessigned to make your nose more like a western one, and they believe it`s also a beautifull accessory.

2. Mascara guard, this one isn`t even that bad! it`s designed to make applying mascara less messy and i think i can work, execpt if you have fake lashes.

3. Beauty voice trainer, this one is really really weird and i can`t imagine this is gonna work. They say it will give you the dulcet voice you want to have if you use it 5 minutes a day.

4. Futua Compass, this tool is dessigned to give asian girls (or boys) te eyelids they want to have. I don`t think this tool isn`t designed for comfort and will be painfull using it.

5. Lipstickstencil, do i even have to say more?

6. Nailpolish protection clips, it will protect your nails after using your nailpolish, when you use the clips you won`t scratch your perfectly painted nails. Sounds perfect to me!

Do you know, or use strange beautytools?

dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Happy Pants

Lately i`ve seen a lot of girls in happy floral or oany other kind of printed pants/trousers, and I must admit i adore them! Although i haven`t one in my wardrobe i do want to buy one now spring is coming up. Personally i would wear them with just a simple shirt and flipflops or something like that. I`ve been looking around at webshops to find the most awesome pants with some kind of print, so take a look with me!

The first one i just simple black/grey/white and is  here availlable for 24,95

A very colorful pants which makes your sunny day just perfect, availlable here for 29,95

Floral, but not too much, availlable here for just 29.67

Just black and white, can be combined with everything! Availlable for 29.67 here

The last one i just one we can dream about, it`s availlable for 384,32, waaaaaaaay above my budget.
Availlable here

I really like the more colorfull and floral pants but as you can see i still choose the more safe way with black and grey just because i can`t see myself wearing a colorful item. Something i have to change as soon as possible.

Do you have a printed pants already?

vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Personal #1

It`s been a while since i posted my last post. Like i told you girls the last few weeks where crazy. I had several exams at school and i had to move into my new apartment. The 1st of Feb i got the key of my own small apartment. Luckily enough i have great family and friends so all the days there where at least 6 people helping around so we would be done within a few days! 

After I moved in i still had to buy several things, i didn`t had any curtains in my living- and diningroom, and my clothingcloset was very small. Last week i received my 4 meter clothingcloset, and i can tell you girls it is AMAZING!  The curtains aren`t hanging yet, but it will this weekend.

When i was done moving and doing exams i noticed all the stress from the last few months all came out.
I was very very tired and wasn`t feeling that great, after a few days i even became sick again. Because of this i decided to take a little break and just go to work, school and home. Just relaxing and sleeping.

From now on i hope i will be able to post a lot more, because i really enjoying blogging :)