vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Personal #1

It`s been a while since i posted my last post. Like i told you girls the last few weeks where crazy. I had several exams at school and i had to move into my new apartment. The 1st of Feb i got the key of my own small apartment. Luckily enough i have great family and friends so all the days there where at least 6 people helping around so we would be done within a few days! 

After I moved in i still had to buy several things, i didn`t had any curtains in my living- and diningroom, and my clothingcloset was very small. Last week i received my 4 meter clothingcloset, and i can tell you girls it is AMAZING!  The curtains aren`t hanging yet, but it will this weekend.

When i was done moving and doing exams i noticed all the stress from the last few months all came out.
I was very very tired and wasn`t feeling that great, after a few days i even became sick again. Because of this i decided to take a little break and just go to work, school and home. Just relaxing and sleeping.

From now on i hope i will be able to post a lot more, because i really enjoying blogging :)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Waauw, zo'n grote kledingkast! Doe mij er ook maar een! Gaat het nu weer wat beter?

    1. Ja gelukkig wel nog heel verkouden maar al een stuk meer uitgerust:)

  2. Gaat het al wat beter? Soms kropt je lichaam het echt allemaal op en als je je er eenmaal aan toegeeft, merk je pas hoe moe je bent! Wel tof dat het zo mooi is!