maandag 12 november 2012

Love for beauty and fashion?

Since i was a little girl i`m fascinated by make-up. When i was around 5-6 years old i loved it when i was with my aunt and i was able to use her make-up, especially lipsticks and eyeshadows.
Ufortunatly my mom wouldn`t let me use make-up till i reached the age of 14. But then i found out i am allergic for most facewashes, removers and make-up. When i use one product several days in a row my skin will react with red bumbs and stuff.

All those years i wasn`t able to use make-up on a daily base, but only on special events. A year ago i decided to try to use make-up more often and see if i was still having alergic reactions or that i was grown over the allergy. ( I don`t know if i`m saying it right). I found out that i was able to use make-up more often and was able to use them 3-5 days in a row! But then i found out i didn`t had the skills to use make-up properly and in different ways, so thats why i started following several dutch beautybloggers.

With fashion it was different, i`d always had my own style but i wasn`t intrested in fashion at all.
But along the way i got more and morde interested in fashion, but still with a twist. I love clothing that are high quality but with have low prices. In my friendgroup they know me as the girl that tries to buy everything as cheap as possible. I succeed in buying things cheap by using the internet to search for sale but also using secondhand stores and Marktplaats a Dutch Ebay (kind of). I`m in love when i`m looking for a product for a certain period and then find it for cheap, it can make my whole week!

Today i bought several products (a lipstick, lipgloss and a blush) which
i will be reviewing this week, so next week you will find my reviews online.

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