zaterdag 5 januari 2013


Hello there!

I`ve have some great news, i`m moving! Since a few months i`m living in Wassenaar, a small village close to The Hague. Although i had a great house, they will demolish it at the end of this month. They came with this news 6 weeks ago and i had to find a new house. Ass you guys will understand it gave a lot of stress to find a new house that was availleble very quickly, and lucky me! 2 weeks later i heard that i will have a new apartment from the 1st of feb! My new appartment is in The Hague, in the same street where my parents live!

So for now i`m living at the loft of my aunt, which i`m gratefull for taking me and my boyfriend in for over a month:) But a new house means SHOPPING! I didn`t knew shopping for a new house gave so much stress..
I had to buy a new floor, curtains, chairs etc. The last two weeks i had to combine study, work and everything else, wich wasn`t easy. But now i can say i have most things i need, only my dream curtains are left to find.

After everything is done, i hope i will be able to start reviewing and writing about everything i love.

For now i wish everyone a (late) Happy New Year!


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