dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Review: Palmer`s Shea Butter Formula

Because of the cold weather it`s necessary to use some hand cream to protect your hands so they won`t dehydrate and get rough. I bought thos one at Kruidvat for about €3,- and tested it for you girls

The outside is basic, and not a design I personally would choose. For the color it`s the same, an ugly yellow shade. But it`s firm and won`t dimple and burst. What i do like is the bottom because it isn`t a cap which i find inconvenience.
The cream itself is a bit thick but withdraws quickly into your skin, so you can use this if you`re in a hurry. After using this product my skin feels really soft and gentle, and this will last for a really long time. With this kind of weather i have to use it twice a day. When it isn`t freezing i have to use it only once every 2 days. The only thing that bother me is the smell, i can`t describe it but i don`t like it at all, but it will disappear after a while. I do think there are a many girls who would appreciate the smell, but it`s just not my cup of tea.

Although the smell isn`t what i like i do reccomend this hand creame, just because it withdraws quickly, hydrate for a really long time and is cheap.

Good things
- makes your skin soft and gentle
- easy to use
- withdraws quickly
- the price
- you can buy it at several stores.

Bad sides
- the look
- the smell

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hm, sounds pretty good! Too bad that the smell isn't that nice ..

  2. haha nu ben ik dus benieuwd hoe hij ruikt :p!

  3. Ik wil nog eens iets van dit merk proberen, ondanks dat je schrijft dat dat het niet lekker ruikt ben ik toch heel nieuwsgierig!

    Ik kan geen reactie achterlaten met alleen name/url. Dat vind ik juist het prettigst omdat ik geen van de andere mogelijkheden gebruik.