maandag 14 januari 2013

nailpolish #1

My plan was to show you girls the things i bought yesterday, but i changed my mind.
The reason for this is that  the nailpolish i`m gonna show you is just perfect for the upcomming days:)

(sorry for the messed up photo`s, i hope it is clear enough to show what i mean)

When i bought the nailpolish i thougt it would be a light grey with some sparkles in it, but when i applied it on my nails i got a bit of a surprise being it blue. I would describe the color as an icy blue kind of shade, and it is perfect for freezing, snowy days like this!

I bought it at Kruidvat from the Catrice sale and it`s called Have A Good Day, which i will have because it will make my outfit just a bit more special. The only weak spot is that the nailpolish is quite thick so applying is a littlebit harder than what i`m used to.

What do you think of this nailpolish?

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Okay I'm seriously gonna buy this nailpolish! (:

  2. Prachtige kleur! Ik heb hem toevallig vandaag ook gekocht, bedankt voor de swatch. ^^ Ik vond hem hel uniek om te zien. :D

  3. Wat een prachtige nagellak! Jammer dat hij uit het assortiment gaat :(

    Liefs Annabel

  4. heb hem ook is een super mooi kleurtje!