dinsdag 29 januari 2013

Music #1

Lately i`m depending on puclic transport when i have to work o go to college. Depending on public transport means no more radio but listing to my ipod. Listening to all the songs i realized i haven`t listen to all those great songs way to long! That`s why i have selected a few of the songs i listen the last few weeks.

1. Gone - Daughtry Click here
It isn`t a happy song, but i do love it though, i really love the gitars and stuff, and besides that Daughtry has an amazing voice!

Isn`t he hot ladies? (I have and weakness voor bald men sst)

2. Lifehouse- Everything Click here
This song is a very romantic song, it`s one of my all time favorites from Lifehouse

3. Gotye- Your hearts a Mess Click here
Last year my boyfriend and I went to a Concert of him, en he was great! He really enjoyed being on stage and gave a great show.

4. Hurts - Wonderful life Click here
This band is a bit odd, but thats just why i like it. The songs are great and a bit different, just the way i like it.

5. Jonny Lang- Give me up again -Click here
Jonny Lang is a singer I usually wouldn`t listen to because it is blues, but boy he makes the greatest songs and his voice is amazing!

Which songs are you listening lately?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice songs!



  2. Goed idee om weer eens Gotye te gaan luisteren, dank voor de inspiratie! :-)

  3. Oeh ik ben nieuwsgierig! Misschien zitten er voor mij wel wat nieuwe favorieten tussen ;)

  4. Ik hou zo ontzettend erg van HURTS!