zaterdag 26 januari 2013

Review: Just Cavalli by Cavalli

Today I have my first review! Last week I got a sample of the new perfume from Cavalli, so I had to test this perfume for you girls

The bottle looks very pretty, The top is gold, and at the bottom you will see the pink glass. The bottle also has a Python printed cap. It will be a beauty in your perfume stash.

Cavalli described the new perfume as creamy, sexy, floral, dazzling, magnetic and seductive perfume. Thats one hell of a way to describe your perfume!

The top notes of the perfume are sparkling drops of neroli, with the heart created by Tahitian tiare flowers, and along with warm rosewood accords in the base. I would say this is a perfume which you can use on a daily base.

The first time i used the perfume i had to let it settle down. It isn`t a perfume which i normally would choose, but when the time went by i appreciated the perfume more and more. It`s a warm and soft scent which you will smell the whole day. I wouldn`t describe it as an sexy dazzling perfume though. But it is a floral an seductive perfume in my opinion. I have a perfume which i like more, so I personally wouldn`t use it on a daily base, but more once or twice a week.

The perfume is availlabe for €35,00 (30 ml)  - 72,00 (75 ml) at several places like Douglas, IciParisXL etc.

Are you gonna smell/buy the perfume?

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Thanks for sharing, ben in elk geval erg nieuwesgierig geworden naar deze geur nu!

    ♥♥ Denise

  2. Oh ik ben nu ook wel heeel erg benieuwd geworden naar deze geur! Snel langs de Douglas gaan (:

  3. Hij lijkt me heerlijk! Het flesje is ook supermooi! x

  4. Ben heel benieuwd geworden naar deze geur, hij klinkt erg fijn! Liefs, Laura

  5. Woooow klinkt een lekkere parfum ;)
    Ben benieuwd, ga stiekem het geurtje eens testen in de parfumerie ;)

    Bedankt voor je comment!


  6. looks like a great parf├╝m

  7. lijkt me een hele lekkere parfum!